Can you serve as an executor or administrator in New York while living elsewhere ? And paying for it out of the estate funds.

You can serve as an executor, administrator and even a trustee (under certain circumstances).  I have clients that live all over the Unites States and even outside the US.  All you need to do is hiring an attorney.  Our firm specializes in serving those who live outside New York and have a loved one that passed away in New York.   We communicate with our clients via mail, email and scanning and other communications means.   In fact, we have been told by clients that we make it very easy for them.  I have found that some clients comprehend more and can understand more,  when they receive emails.  They have it in front of them,  they can read it and go back to it as much as they need to.  

There is no requirement that you must live in NY to serve as a fiduciary of an estate.   One of our clients,  resided in Florida,  who I never met, contacted us to help him.    His relative died and he could not come to NY but he was worried about her house and her belongings.  He mailed us up the key and an attorney entered the home, took pictures and secured the home.  Our office began to make arrangements to clean the home,  sell items and discard what could not be sold.   Some renovations were needed as it increased the sale price and helped quicken the sale as well.   I contacted several contracts that we deal with for estimates which were sent to the client for his review .  The home was then listed with a real estate company that we work with.   Our attorney checked on the home and followed the renovations each step of the way.  

The documents for the sale were prepared prior to the closing and sent to the client for review and signature.  The client never came to the closing.  The funds were deposited into the estate checking account and the estate was completed.  

So,  the next time you are asked to assist your loved one,  say yes.  It does not matter that you live far away.  Once you hire an attorney who specializes in handling these types of estate matters,  you are in good hands and your job is mostly done. 

Our office also offers retainers of different types.   Besides the hourly rate retainers,  if the client and estate qualifies and meets certain criteria,  our office will be paid either upon the sale of the home, collection of assets or closure of the estate, just prior to distribution of the inheritance.  So,  in times like these when every penny counts,  you may not have to pay any money but our office can be paid by the Estate or out of your share of the distribution, depending on your interest in the Estate or Trust. 

We handle small and large and trusts, adminstration thereof.   Other services that we offer are preparation of Wills, Trusts and related elder law documents and elder law planning, estate administration and litigation.


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