Less then half of all adults do not have a Will ? Why not?

If you do not have a Will or a current valid Will,  then your money and assets may not go to the people that you want it to go to and the Court will dictate how it is distributed pursuant to the applicable law that controls your case based on your jurisdiction and residence.   With a valid Will,  you decide who receives your assets.   If you have minor children, with a Will, you can chose their guardian,  how they receive the assets etc…..

Make sure that you have the right amount of insurance to maintain your family’s lifestyle if you are not here.   Plan for now and the future will take care of itself. 

Organize all your financial and other information.   Make sure that all your legal documents are in place.  Make sure you list all life insurance policies and assets.  BE SURE to change the beneficiary of each asset to reflect your wishes.    An asset that has a direct beneficiary will control,  not your Will.  

To ensure that your documents are in one place and can be obtained,  register at willregistry.info.  A great database where you can access important documents.   For example, if you are in the hospital in another state and need your health care proxy document – if you are register – you can get a copy on line.   

Wills and other estate planning documents and consultations are not that expensive.    A simple Will can range from $350.00 and up.    Our office will update your documents and make changes at no cost to you.    Contact us for more information.  




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