Home Health Care in Demand

Author: Bonnie Lawston: NY Estate & Probate Litigator
Stephen Sternbach: Star Multi Care: Home Health Care

According to a study conducted at the Ohio State University, there are more than 33,000 home health care providers in the United States, offering assistance to approximately 12 million people. Nearly 70% of the home health care patients are over the age of 65, and a large percentage (about 64%) are women. Home health care providers offer a wide range of services, including care related to diabetes, Alzheimer’s’, osteoarthritis, cancer, hypertension and heart conditions.

Home health care employees are typically registered or licensed practical nurses, but may also include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dietitians. Many home health care providers combine medical services with life assistance services, such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to medical or other appointments, medication management and companionship.

The benefits of home health care have long been known. Treatment in the home means that many people do not have to go into hospital, convalescent or other institutional long-term nursing care facilities, places where they will be unfamiliar with surroundings, or feel isolated. With in-home health care treatment, a patient can go about his or her life in a normal fashion, stopping only to receive necessary treatment. Because of familiarity with surroundings, there is less likelihood of injury due to tripping, slipping or falling. In addition, there are substantial psychological benefits to being in one’s own home.

Contact the Professionals at Star Multi Care

At Star Multicare, we provide a full range of  in-home health care services, and also work with people in assisted living or other residential care facilities. To learn more about the ways we can help you and your loved ones, contact us online or call our office at (877)920-0600

Home Health Care—Protecting Your Legal Interests

When you require health care services in your home, you want to make certain your legal rights and interests are protected. Attorney Bonnie Lawston, in Huntington Station, has provided sound counsel to seniors and their families for more than 20+ years. She can work with clients and providers in New York and out of state.    Ms. Lawston will evaluate and discuss your personal needs and wishes to develop the best estate plan and living plan for you while maximizing your savings and Estate for your family and loved ones.  We prepare all the necessary documents including living Will, health care proxy, power of attorney forms, limited and general, living trusts, DNR and other directives such as funeral wishes, your Last Will and Testament and other related documents.   Associated with our office and had picked by Ms. Lawston are other specialists such as real estate broker, financial investor,  estate CPA and estate home improvement developer.   Our practice is focused on estate planning and administration so our experience works for you and saves time and money.   There is no coincidence that “law” is part of our name.  Let us help you now to save you and your family money, time, aggravation but most of all, ensure that your wishes are carried out.


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