About the Founder

Bonnie Lawston

Long Island, New York

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Phone: (877) 581-8498 (Toll Free, 24/7)
Fax: (866) 431-0045
Email: bspesq@juno.com

Long Island New York Estate and Probate Lawyer Serving all of, Nassau and
Suffolk Counties, Westchester and also the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York

Bonnie Lawston and her staff are committed to helping you develop your estate
plan, protect your assets, and carry out your plans to provide for your family
after your passing.

Bonnie Lawston can assist you with the careful planning necessary to define
your estate plan, develop the documents necessary to achieve your objectives,
and then when, the time comes, carry out the administration of your estate to
effectively provide for your family members according to your wishes.

Ms. Lawston handles all types of Estate matters from Probating Simple Wills
and the Administration of those small Estates to Large complex Estates over
Millions of dollars as well as Complex Trusts.  She will assist you as the
Executor, Administrator or Trustee and make sure that not only do you fulfill
all your fiduciary duties but that you understand each step as the process
unfolds.  It’s important that we help provide as much information as we can so
that you are comfortable with our services and your decisions regarding your
loved one’s estates and most of all their wishes.

We will insure that your assets pass according to your desires. We work with
you to protect your assets and make sure that they pass on with the least amount
of expense and exposure to tax liability.

Bonnie is an experienced attorney and litigator. She is a certified member of
the Guardian ad Litem Panel for Surrogate’s Court both in Nassau and Suffolk
County. She is also a certified member of the 18B Family and Criminal Court
Panel for Suffolk County Courts, as well as a member of the Referee Panel for
Nassau and Suffolk County.

For most of her career she has been involved in Estate planning, drafting and
execution of Wills, Trusts and related documents as well as extensive
administration of probates and administration proceedings for decedents and
their families. She has years of experience in selling and buying real estate,
homes and businesses which is a great asset for the Estate and its heirs. She
can always be reached on weekends, evenings, and holidays, and everyone of her
client’s receives her personal attention.

If you have any questions regarding an Estate Matter, A Will, A Trust, Probating an Estate, Complex Probate issues, please feel free to contact the Law Offices of Bonnie Peters Lawston.


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